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Hey, I’m Patrick.
I’m a WordPress Developer👨‍💻

I build WordPress plugins to

My WordPress plugins were downloaded 588,411 times and have an average rating of ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (based on

You can also find me on Twitter 🐦 or GitHub 💻

Patrick Posner - that's me.

Plugins for WordPress 🕹️

Simply Static

Simply static is a static site generator for WordPress which helps you creating the most secure and performance-optimized version of your website.


Passster fixes WordPress password protection. It let you protect pages, posts or just parts of it with a password, captcha, Google ReCaptcha and more.


Filr let you create secure document libraries directly in WordPress. File protection, searchable and filterable file lists and secure download links on your fingertips.

Plugins for WooCommerce 🎮


The only plugin to include a real age verification in WooCommerce based on the Sofort Ident API. Include a mobile-optimized age gate and verify the age in your store.


Distancr let you modify your store based on the customers location. Modify prices, product availability, shipping methods and payment gateways based on location.

Missing Parts

Missing parts is a series of smaller plugins for WooCommerce. It includes several small solutions to specific problems store owners may have.

Get things done 🕶️

I create new tutorials every week to help you get things
and learn every detail about how to use my plugins.

With now over 58 articles there is a pretty good chance that there is something helpful for you. If not take the time and check the extensive documentation.