Verify the age of the customers landing on your WordPress website with the WooCommerce age verification plugin, Agy.

Add a secure and reliable age-gate to your whole website, product categories, or specific products in just a few clicks.

Awesome brands all over the world use Agy 🌎

The Best WooCommerce Age Verification

Within a few clicks, you’ll be able to customize your age verification popup contents, design, and method for testing your customer’s age.

Agy gives you three options for verifying your customers’ minimum age:

  • A simple Yes/No or Enter and Exit buttons.
  • A Date picker so your customers can age verify via their birthdate.
  • An age verification slider, which customers can use to confirm their age.

Easy to Customize and Style

Agy is fully customizable, so you’ll be able to blend it in seamlessly with your WooCommerce store’s style.

Customize everything from the background color/background image, add your logo, images, layout, font, button colors, and more.

Plus, you’ll have full control over all the contents within the age verification popup. Customize the headline, message, button text, slogans, you name it.

Age Restrict Your WordPress Pages and Posts

Agy doesn’t stop at adding an age verification popup for WooCommerce products. It helps you add age verification to your whole WordPress site.

Use Agy to automatically require your users’ age no matter which page they land on. Or just activate it on specific pages and posts.

Agy helps ensure underage visitors don’t see the content you don’t want them to.

The Secure Age Checker for WooCommerce

With Agy, you can use other verification methods like checkboxes or the Sofort API integration to verify the age of your customers.

Include these checkboxes when customers register for an account or at the checkout for extra security for logged-in users.

Agy is also integrated with the Klarna Sofort Ident API, which provides a real and secure way to verify the age of your customers. It’s based on their bank account and uses validation from Schufa and their international counterparts.

You’ll be able to:

  • Age restrict registration for your WooCommerce store.
  • Add age restriction to your checkout – perfect for adult content or restricted products.
  • Restrict only specific products rather than your whole store.
  • Use Klarna Sofort Ident API for increased security and peace of mind.

The Best Features for Age Verification ⏳

Agy is constantly updated with new features. Here are just some of them.

SEO friendly

Agy is fully SEO-friendly. It automatically detects bots and crawlers and lets them bypass the gate.


Extensive WooCommerce support. Add age verification to registration and checkout. Exclude products if the age doesn’t match.

Verification Modes

Use one of three verification modes: Yes or No button, date picker with validation, or a simple slider to add the age.

Sofort Ident

Extensive API integration of Sofort Ident for WooCommerce. Add your credentials, hit save, and use advanced verification in your store.

Exclude Content

Exclude any posts, pages, or products from the age gate, invert the logic, and only allow specific content without verification.

Mobile friendly

Agy is responsive and works on different devices like tablets, smartphones, and smaller PCs.

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Customer Reviews for Agy 🥳

These are reviews from verified buyers of the pro version of Agy collected by Freemius.


I only needed to add age verification to the checkout so it was simple enough, but I had a couple of questions which Patrick answered swiftly and clearly.

Simon Burt


Nice plugin, easy to use, support is 100%.

Craig Nusinov

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