Setting up Sofort Ident for WooCommerce

Sofort Ident is a real age verification with the customer’s bank account. This service was mainly used in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland but was acquired by Klarna and should be soon available all over the planet.

Sofort Ident Settings

You will find the necessary settings in WooCommerce->Agy->WooCommerce->Sofort Ident.

Setting up Sofort Ident for WooCommerce 1

Account and Product activation

To set up the Sofort Ident API you need to create an account here: Then you need to activate the Sofort ident product under My Account -> Product activation. When you are done your dashboard should look like this:

Klarna Sofort Ident API setup

Project details

The next step is to fill out your project details. Fill out your company category and your address. Make sure your return URL is the same URL as the checkout of your WooCommerce store.

Klarna Sofort Ident API setup

Plugin settings

Now grab the important data and fill out the fields in your admin area under Settings -> Agy -> WooCommerce.

Setting up Sofort Ident for WooCommerce 2

Hint: You can modify your project password inside your project settings under the tab “Extended settings”. When you are done toggle the activate option in Agy and you are ready.


After activation and setup your checkout should look like this:

Sofort Ident for WooCommerce 5

As you can see there is no place order button anymore, instead, the user is pleased to verify his age first. After a successful validation with his bank account, he will be redirected back to the shop and can place the order.

Hint: When you have filled out all necessary settings in Agy for the Sofort Ident API you can toggle on the test mode. Then you can test the entire process with some dummy data to ensure everything works as expected.

Klarna Sofort Ident API setup

After filling out some random data (with test mode) you will be redirected to your shop and can place your order:

Agy - Sofort Ident for WooCommerce integration