Offload your media assets to the blockchain for a fraction of the costs of traditional providers.

Make sure your attachments are available no matter what happens on centralized providers.

Not into crypto? No problem.

Use the power of the blockchain without even touching a wallet or holding any cryptocurrency.

Blockstore uses existing APIs that you can pay with PayPal or your credit card – no wallet, no setup, copy and paste the API key, and you are ready to offload.

We aim to make the blockchain available for your today’s use case and don’t want to convince you to invest money – we promise!

Familiar media management

Manage your media files the same way you already know. Blockstore integrates natively with the media library and extends it.

Check the transaction ID to find a file on the blockchain and use exclude rules to prevent uploading files you don’t want to.

Perfect for excluding backup files or other sensitive data from the offloading process.

Offloading as easy as clicking a button

Offloading files in Blockstore couldn’t be easier.
Connect your storage provider and click the Start button to get started.

Blockstore handles all the heavy processing for you and also remembers the progress – want to upload additional files to the blockchain?

Easy, click start again, and Blockstore will continue the offloading process.

Storage providers you can trust

We picked the best storage providers in the world to include them into BlockStore.

Alongside providers like Pinata and Web3Storage that offer hosting on IPFS – the interplanetary filesystem, we also include Arweave to offer a permanent storage solution within the plugin.


Arweave powers the permanent storage option in Blockstore.


Pinata lets you offload files to IPFS, optimize images and videos, and more.


Web3Storage uses IPFS but with a better and more scalable pricing structure.

Offload media files to the blockchain with BlockStore ⏳

BlockStore is constantly updated with new features. Here are just some of them.

Easily connect via API

We integrated the most popular blockchain storage providers on the planet – they are just an API key away.

Arweave or IPFS

Whether you want to use IPFS or Arweave to offload your media files, we have you covered.

Intuitive interface

We spent a lot of time to make the interface as easy as possible. Click a button and start offloading files.

Close to WP-Core

We made sure that we stayed close to the core. PHP and React power the plugin – no external dependencies.


The plugin is completely translatable. We even added a full German translation and a .pot file for you.

No crypto required

You don’t need any cryptocurrency to use BlockStore. All providers also offer a free trial to get started.

Need some more visuals? 🎩

Download ⚖️

Download it for free on GitHub.