Simply Static

Get an overview of the current development status of Simply Static. Here you find all the latest releases in chronological order.

  • Version:

    1.2 + 1.2.1



    • bugfixes for search crawler (Algolia)
    • menu fix for builds and forms
    • brought back assignable builds


    • dependencies updated
    • improved Windows support
    • no result feedback for Fuse.js
    • filter to load fuse.js from the local environment
    • “use strict” for JS files
    • save config files in uploads instead of the plugins directory
    • combined menus for Forms, Comments, and CORS
    • only show CPT if forms are activated in the settings
    • filter to disable e-mail form webhook


    • new BunnyCDN integration with WP HTTP API
    • new settings for BunnyCDN to set storage URL and access key
    • automatically update forms config on save ssp-form
    • improved builds to include additional files
    • delete posts/pages from the static website
    • WPML, Polylang, and Translatepress support