Adding Locations

Configure locations in Distancr

Now we can setup locations in Distancr. Move to WooCommerce->Settings->Distancr->Locations.

Adding Locations 1

Add Location

Click on the button “Add location” to add a location entry. A new line will pop up which you can fill out with your information.

Unique Name / ID

This is useful for differentiating the locations later. This name will be used every time you select a location in any area of Distancr (pricing rules, blocklist, product editing).

Latitude and Longitude

As long as you don’t use the Google Maps API to autocomplete addresses you have to provide the latitude and longitude values for your location.

This can be easily found with websites like this one:

Adding Locations 2

It’s completely free to use and gives you the latitude and longitude of your location. You can also add a complete address instead of just a city or country.

Google Maps API

With the Google Maps API, you can use the autosuggest solution for adding addresses. The API will automatically convert the address to latitude and longitude values.

Adding Locations 3

Don’t forget to save your locations, then you are ready to move to the next steps.