Block products by geolocation

Configure block rules in the settings

Similar to adding locations you can setup up multiple rules for your Blocklist. Go to WooCommerce->Settings->Distancr->Blocklist.

Block products by geolocation 1

Add Rule

Click on the button “Add Rule” to add a new blocklist rule.


Here you can choose from your existing locations which you have added in the “Locations” tab of Distancr. They are named by the unique name/id you have added.


This is the distance between your location and the current customer and decides if a rule applies or not. It choose the distance unit you configured in the “Options” tab.


Here you decide if the rule should apply if the distance is smaller or larger then the distance you provided in the “Distance” field.


Here you decide what you want to block in this rule. You can choose from products, shipping methods and payment gateways.

The last setting depends on the “Block” setting. If you have chosen “products” it will let you choose from your product categories. The products from that category will be blocked.

Block products by geolocation 2

If you have chosen “payment gateway” it will let you choose from your currently activated payment gateways.

Block products by geolocation 3

If you have chosen “shipping methods” it will let you choose from your currently activated shipping methods.

Block products by geolocation 4