Geolocation does not work

There are a couple of requirements to make the geolocation work correctly in Distancr so let’s cover the most common ones:

API Connection

Depending on your chosen API provider make sure you added the API key in WooCommerce->Settings->Distancr->Options and click the “Check connection” button. If everything is correct you should see a success message saying “Successfully connected”.

Geolocation does not work 1

Wrong API plan

If you are using IPStack or IPAPI as your provider make sure you get one of the paid plans if your website runs over HTTPS – the free plan does not support SSL-secured websites.

Geolocation does not work 2

Running on localhost

If you like to test Distancr on a local development environment most API providers can’t get your current location correctly as the server usually responds with as their IP. To make that work use a service like to get your current IP and add it in WooCommerce->Settings->Distancr->Testing -> Local IP

Geolocation does not work 3

Use the test mode

As an administrator, the best way to test Distancr is the implemented test mode. Activate it in WooCommerce->Settings->Distancr->Testing-> Test Mode:

Geolocation does not work 4

Once activated you get a little globe icon on the frontend of your store to quickly test and change your current location. Change your location and make sure that the prices adjust accordingly.

Geolocation does not work 5