Set up pricing per product

Configure per product rules

Set up pricing per product 1

You can overwrite your global pricing rules per product. To do that edit a product and open the tab “Distancr” in the product data meta box from WooCommerce.

Set up pricing per product 2

The settings are pretty equal to setting up global rules. Because of that, I will only cover the differences.

Overwrite global rule?

If you want to overwrite the global pricing rule for that product, you simply have to check this option.


Similar to the priority setting in a global rule, you can configure priorities on a product level. This value differentiates the different pricing rules for the product.

Variable Products

When you edit a variable product and move to the Distancr tab in the product data meta box, you will see something like that:

Set up pricing per product 3

This is because the settings for Distancr are handled per variation and not for the entire product. This gives you the maximum flexibility to configure your prices.

Editing a variation of a product you will see additional fields for Distancr to configure:

Set up pricing per product 4

The settings are the same as editing a simple product but instead apply to the variation directly.

Nice to know: Distancr also modifies the From – To prices of the variable parent product based on location. If you set a lower price for a variation it will instantly recognize this and modify the price display on shop and category pages for you, so you don’t have to worry about confusing your customers.