Set up pricing by geolocation

Setting up global pricing rules

The most powerful feature from Distancr is the dynamic pricing based on geo distance. Go to WooCommerce->Settings->Distancr->Pricing Rules.

Set up pricing by geolocation 1

Add Rule

Click the “Add Rule” button to add a new pricing rule.


The first value you should provide is the priority of the rule. If two or more rules apply for one customer this will decide which rule should be applied.


Choose from your existing locations. The values will be presented with there unique name/id you provided in the tab “Locations”.


Add the distance for the rule to apply. The distance unit is configured in Distancr->Options.


This will decide if the rule will apply when the distance of the customer is smaller or larger then the value of your distance.

Product Category

You can optionally limit the pricing rule to a specific product category. Choose from the select menu or leave it to the default “All products”.


This is the price value for your rule. Based on the settings in “Discount Type” it can be a percent value or a fix value. You only provide the number, not any currency symbol.

Apply to

This is useful when only wanting to discount specific prices. Let’s say you don’t want to discount prices that are on sale, then you choose “regular only”.


You can choose from different discount-types to modify your prices. Available are: decrease(%), increase(%), decrease(fix), increase(fix) or fix amount.

Set up pricing by geolocation 2