Configure and style your libraries

Colors and Styles

While this purple is pretty awesome, I’m sure you want to modify the styles so it matches your design. So our next step are the design settings. You can find them in Files->Settings-Shortcode

Configure and style your libraries 1

You can modify any color, border, and background from the table. For further customization, there are also options to deactivate rows, modify the date format, or show expired files in the shortcode.


You can activate, or deactivate each row within a library. You can also reorder them the way you like. There is also an option to use the publish date instead of the physical file upload date within the library.

Configure and style your libraries 2


The last block is about the additional settings. Here you can configure various things like an alternative message if there are no files available, rename the download button and deactivate specific features from the library for example the search and pagination functionality. You can also set a custom date format to use in your library.

Configure and style your libraries 3