Manage external files

If you want to store your files in external storage (like Dropbox or AWS) you can use FILR to manage and display those files within your website as well.

Make file external

Create or edit a file in Filr and take a look at “File Management”. There is a toggle to switch the file type to “Use external source instead”. Activate it and save your file. You may need to reload your screen to see the changes on the UI.

Manage external files 1

The uploader is gone and instead, you get an URL field to add the link to the external resource:

Manage external files 2

External File Size

Due to the fact, that the file was not uploaded within Filr, we don’t know the file size. That’s why you can find a new setting called “External File Size” under File Management:

Manage external files 3

Take a look at the result and you should see your external file within your library:

Manage external files 4