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You set your directory settings, created one or more files and added them to a list. You have copied the shortcode from “Lists” and now you place it in your editor. Depending if you are using Gutenberg or the classic editor the following screen will be slightly different:

Shortcode 1

After hitting save you can view your post and check the result. You should see a table with all files in your list and there meta data (name, filezize, expiration settings and so on):

Shortcode 2


While this purple is pretty awesome, I’m sure you want to modify the styles so it matches your design. So our next step are the design settings. You can find them in Files->Settings-Shortcode

Shortcode 3

You can modify any color, border and background from the table. For further customization there are also options to deactivate rows, modify the date format or to show expired files in the shortcode.

Shortcode 4