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All Settings

Passster has multiple Settings to customize your password protection. You can find the options page under Settings->Passster.

Shortcode Generator

The first settings tab is the Shortcode Generator. You can use this tool to generate your shortcode with all protection types of Passster.

Change the protection mode, set one or multiple passwords, or simply use the captcha option.

If you are ready, save your settings and copy the shortcode.

All Settings 1

Captcha / Recaptcha

The second settings tab is for the captcha configuration. Depending on your license (free/pro).

You can find the basic options for the captcha (captcha length and mode) and the advanced settings for the ReCaptcha.

Google Recaptcha needs a Site Key and a Private Key (also known as Secret) to work. Follow the instructions here to get both for your site.

All Settings 2

Link (Pro only)

The third settings tab is for the link unlock feature.

You are able to set the Slug of the page where you want to give instant access to your protected area with a link.

Make sure to enter the same password that you add in the shortcode on the page.

Every entered password will be encrypted with a customized Base64 string to make sure, no one can grab the password directly.

If you have a bit.ly Account you can also shorten the login URL to make it easier to share the URL.

Follow the instructions here to generate your Access Token and simply paste it in the given option from Passster.

All Settings 3

Multiple Passwords (Pro only)

The multiple Passwords add-on does not require an own settings tab. Instead, the Shortcode Generator page will be updated with all the necessary options to add multiple passwords.

You can enter as many passwords, as you want. Just to make sure to separate them with a comma (,).

All Settings 4

Addons (Pro only)

I’m a fan of performant plugins and code. So why all settings and code should be loaded if you only use a subset of Passster’s features? No reason for that.

Simple toggle the features you like “on” and keep the others “off”. All scripts and logics are depending on your addon settings.

All Settings 5


The last settings tab is for general options. Decide whether or not you want to use cookies to give your users nearly permanent access to your protected content.

You can also define the cookie duration (in days). The new cookie option is cache-compatible and works with several cache plugins like W3TotalCache, WPSuperCache, WPRocket. Even with full page cache.

All Settings 6