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Step 1: Add your Slug and Password

Go to Settings->Passster->Link.

Enter the Slug of the Page/Post where you placed your shortcode to restrict your content.
Remember a Slug is a part of a URL so it should have a / in beginning and in the end (optional).

Next, enter the password. The password should be the same as the one you have used in your shortcode.

Now you’re done. Save your settings and copy the generated access link

Step 2: Bit.ly (Optional)

You are able to shorten your Access Link via bit.ly.
To do this you need an Access Token from bit.ly. Follow the instructions here and get one: Get bit.ly Access Token.

Next copy and paste the Token in the given field on Settings->Passster->Link in the given field.

If you hit save, you should immediately see the shortened URL. Copy this and share it with other people!