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Step 1: Add your Slug and Password

Go to Settings->Passster->Link.

Enter the Slug of the Page/Post where you placed your shortcode to restrict your content.
Remember a Slug is a part of a URL so it should have a / in beginning and in the end (optional).

Next, enter the password. The password should be the same as the one you have used in your shortcode.

Link 1

Now you’re done. Save your settings and copy the generated access link

Step 2: Bit.ly (Optional)

You are able to shorten your Access Link via bit.ly.
To do this you need an Access Token from bit.ly. Follow the instructions here and get one: Get bit.ly Access Token.

Next copy and paste the Token in the given field on Settings->Passster->Link in the given field.

Link 2

If you hit save, you should immediately see the shortened URL. Copy this and share it with other people!