Translate customizer settings in WPML

As you already know, you can modify the global texts, labels, colors, and some general design options for Passster within the Customizer.

WPML makes it a bit confusing to translate those, that’s why I decided to cover that topic quickly here:

1) Go to WPML -> String Translation
2) At the bottom of the page is a link called “Translate texts in admin screens »” click on it.
3) Search for “theme_mods_your_theme” for example if I use the TwentySixteen theme I will search for “theme_mods_twentysixteen”
4) If you toggle the option you will find all texts from the Passster with their current content e.x “passster_form_instructions_text”
5) mark all of the passster options and scroll down to the page and click “apply”
6) Now you can find the strings in the string translation of WPML