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WpBakery Pagebuilder

The well-known WPBakery Pagebuilder (formerly known as Visual Composer) is the first pagebuilder with the advanced integration of Passster.

It’s born out of the need to protect entire rows inside the pagebuilder instead of the full page or content within a simple shortcode.

I assume you are already familiar with the WPBakery Page Builder so we start right away with the integration.

First activate the option in Passster->Options->Pagebuilder called “Activate Visual Composer”.

WpBakery Pagebuilder 1

Now we are ready to add a row within the Pagebuilder. Go to a page and add one! You can add a row with the plus symbol and search for “row”.

WpBakery Pagebuilder 2

Now click the small pencil icon on the right corner of the row. It opens up the settings of the row and you should see a new tab called “Protection”.

WpBakery Pagebuilder 3

You can find similar settings compared to the shortcode and the page protection. Tick the checkbox to activate the protection for the row, fill out the necessary fields (like protection type, password..)

If you scroll down a bit inside the box you find additional settings to modify the texts like headline, instruction and button. It’s prefilled with data you modified inside the WordPress Customizer, but you can change it if you want.

WpBakery Pagebuilder 4

When you saved your page take a look on the frontend and you will see, that only the row with the protection is hidden and instead the Passster form is displayed:


WpBakery Pagebuilder 5


WpBakery Pagebuilder 6