Show a QR Code on your website

There are two ways to show the created QR Codes on your website.


Go to Qyrr->All QR Codes and edit the QR Code you want to show on your website. In the “Download” section, there is a little button to copy the shortcode:

Show a QR Code on your website 1

Once you copy the shortcode, you can add it wherever you want (a page, a post..), and it will show the QR Code on the frontend.

QR Code Selector Block

If you already use the Block Editor, there is a more handy way to do that. Qyrr includes a selector block with a live preview to add QR Codes to your page.

Go to the page/post you want to add the QR Code to and search for “QR Code Selector”:

Show a QR Code on your website 2

Add it to your page, and you will see a selection menu on the right side of the screen where you can choose from all of your created QR Codes. The preview will change automatically as soon as you select a new QR Code.

Show a QR Code on your website 3