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Local development

The problem with developing a WordPress website locally and using Simply Static to deploy the result to a static hosting provider or any other kind of server are the missing packages and features for PHP and WordPress itself.

Lack of support

Most local development environments do not support Cron Jobs or they use some kind of proxy where the domain is shown as patrickposner.local but it’s just a proxied version of localhost: port.

You can easily check for this kind of problem in Simply Static -> Diagnosis. You will see the error “WordPress can not make requests to itself.”. You can also check that from your functions.php when trying to execute wp_remote_get() – it should also fail as that’s the method Simply Static verifies the domain and host.

Another problem is a non-trusted SSL certificate when creating a search index with Simply Static Pro for example.


The solution is LocalWP it fulfills all requirements to work locally on your projects and have full support to work with all features in Simply Static.


Another recommendation is Lando. It’s more of an around web development tool and supports several frameworks and libraries (also WordPress). It runs with Docker (unlike LocalWP) and works pretty smooth as well.

Please do not use one of the following tools to work with Simply Static, most of them are missing packages and feature support:

  • MAMP
  • XAMP
  • devkinsta