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Simply Static includes a full search solution based on Fuse.js. That means you don’t have to hassle with third-party options like Algolia or Google Custom Search engine.

On each static export, it generates an index file in JSON format and includes the h1, the description, and a link to the site. It has an auto-suggestion build-in to make searching on your static website as cool as possible.

Search 1

You can decide if you want to use the search or not. The most important thing to do is add the URL of your static website when using the search feature in Simply Static as it crawls this website directly to create the index file. This ensures all links are correct when a visitor searches your page.


Once the configuration is done and you have created a static version of your page you can use the provided shortcode

to display a little search box anywhere you want and allow your visitors to search your static website in realtime.

Search 2