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0 votes

Tagging System

Adding a tagging system (taxonomy) for Filr to further manage files and improve filtering and search with it.

Category: Filr
0 votes

Enhancements: Frontend Uploader

Possibility to create folders from the frontend uploader and attach files to foldersAdd a custom name for filesChoose folder to uploadAutomatically restrict file to uploader

Category: Filr
1 vote

Search in all libraries

I would like to allow users to search a file in all the libraries and folders.

Under Review Category: Filr
2 votes

Master Password Option

Allow us to set an option for a master password, which is a password that can be used to lock any password form on the site. This is essential for site admins who want to test multiple password forms without the hassle of having to keep track of individual passwords

Under Review Category: Passster
0 votes

Add custom data to the table

Adding a filter to add custom data to the table. For example, custom taxonomies or meta fields are then used to sort the table.

Category: Filr
1 vote

Unlock content with a function

Ability to unlock content with a function inside of a PHP script or template with and without Ajax. Should be outputting the password form on failed submission.

Category: Passster