I’m a WordPress Developer and Solopreneur building, maintaining, and selling WordPress plugins. As someone who is doing almost everything on their own, it’s sometimes hard to keep all of you up to date – that’s why I included this page now.


I’m currently rebuilding the admin settings with React to drastically improve the product’s usability. This will also include a new template editor, replacing the current Customizer integration. I’m also preparing two new features for the next major release: Analytics to track passwords and their usage and concurrent tracking to control the number of password usages simultaneously.

Simply Static

I’m currently working on Single Exports as I like to improve the automation features (for example, automatically updating the static page on publishing a post, deleting a static URL on trashing posts..).

I’m also exploring options to allow deployment via SFTP/FTP to a remote server and introducing optimization features like minification, removing unnecessary WordPress defaults, and more.

I’m currently not adding new features (like new integrations) to Simply Static as I like to get the existing features as good as possible (and stable) before moving on.

Updated: 14 September, 2022