I’m a WordPress Developer and Solopreneur building, maintaining, and selling WordPress plugins. As someone who is doing almost everything on their own, it’s sometimes hard to keep all of you up to date – that’s why I included this page now.


The new admin UI is out now. I will work on some neat new features now, like an analytics integration to track password usage and the ability to sell passwords with WooCommerce.

Simply Static

I’m currently improving a lot of core functionality to reduce external dependencies. Still, besides that, there are some awesome features just around the corner: multisite integration, WP-CLI support, and S3 deployments, to name a few!

You might have seen that there was a restructuring of my website. Each product has its dedicated subsite, and Simply Static has its own domain. I also wanted to start blogging again on my website, so there will be bigger things coming here in the next weeks!

Updated: 14 March 2023