I’m a WordPress Developer and Solopreneur building, maintaining, and selling WordPress plugins. As someone who is doing almost everything on their own, it’s sometimes hard to keep all of you up to date – that’s why I included this page now.


I’m about to launch my little online tool to convert existing websites to ZIP files and provide them for download. There were a couple of challenges while building it that I will cover in a detailed journal post soon.


I’m getting closer to finishing the new React admin UI for Passster, and I’m really happy about the progress. I’m now working on a block to easily add protected areas within the Block Editor, and then it’s time for testing and the official release.


I’m currently working on implementing cache-busting for the preview images in the admin area of WordPress. WordPress automatically caches images shown in the admin, which confuses you if you update your QR Code and the changes aren’t reflected in the preview.

I also optimize the UX when using logos within QR Codes. You need to understand how QR Codes work to get a good result. I plan to set better defaults when uploading logos and work with dynamic tooltips that explain how logo size and QR Code level work together.

Simply Static

There may be a new deployment integration coming soon to Simply Static. I can’t talk about that right now, but I will keep you updated!

Updated: 14 November, 2022