Responsive and easy to setup age verification system for your WordPress website or WooCommerce shop. Customise it, set your settings and protect your site with an Agy.

Simple to setup

Meaningful settings to get you up and running in a couple of minutes.

Fill out the necessary texts, choose your design options and optionally activate your WooCommerce restriction settings.

You can also use the whitelist and blacklist settings to configure exactly where and when the age gate should display.

Unmatched Styling

Choose from different design settings and enjoy a modern and responsive age gate your customers will love.

You can also add additional checkboxes to the account registration and the checkout of your WooCommerce shop

Use one or two columns and translate your texts easily with WPML or Polylang.


Agy goes way further than all other age restriction plugins for WooCommerce. Beside from displaying an age gate you can enhance your registration and checkout page with an checkbox but that’s not all.

Agy is integrated with the Klarna Sofort Ident API which provides a real and secure way to verify the age of your customers. It’s based on their bank account and uses validation from Schufa and there international counterparts.

Never mess around with legal facts again. Activate it and take your game further.

In short:
  • registration restriction
  • checkout restriction
  • blacklist/whitelist per product
  • Klarna Sofort Ident API

The best features for age verification ⏳

Simple and responsive age gate solution for WordPress. It’s actively in development and permanently enhanced with awesome features.

SEO friendly

Passster Age Gate is fully seo-friendly. It’s automatically detect bots and crawlers and let them bypass the gate.

Exclude Content

Exclude any posts, pages or products from the Age gate. Set the settings simply in your metabox.

Verification Modes

Use one of three different verification modes: Yes or No, Date picker with validation or an simple slider to add the age.


Extensive WooCommerce support: Add age verification to registration and checkout. Exclude products if the age doesn’t match.

Sofort Ident

Extensive API integration of Sofort Ident for WooCommerce. Add your credentials, hit save and use advanced verification in your store.

Mobile friendly

Passster Age Gate is reponsive and works on different devices like tablets, smartphones and smaller PCs.

What people say about it πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ

How much will you trust a single developer?
Here are some reviews from current users of the plugin.


Great plugin, my search for plugin like that is over! Do just what it said. Thank you for fine work.


this one is simple, effective and [..] Great job on this and thank you!


Works without any problems, just install, config and go.

Gets Better every time πŸ’»

Many popular plugins are not actively maintainend.
Agy gets several updates per year.
Release 4.1
  • cookie option
  • new admin UI
  • move customizer settings to options
  • more efficient blacklist solution with post meta settings
  • add migrator for customizer settings
  • add new Sofort Ident API features
Release 4.0.8
  • prevents collision if free and pro version installed
  • check if migrate_page_authorization exists before using it
Release 4.0.7
  • security fix freemius sdk
  • background image option
Release 4.0.6
  • ix center mode for IE 9 – 11
Release 4.0.5
  • z-index options in customizer
  • prevent whitelist option update on plugin update
Release 4.0.4
  • compatibility bridge theme
  • fix modifiy height settings
  • translation fixes for german admin
Release 4.0.3
  • fixed some migration problems
  • set z-index for the box
  • fixed [age] shortcode in output
  • fixed age gate check on page load
  • optimized responsive design
Release 4.0.1
  • improved initial configuration
  • improved migration for headline, message, exit and enter buttons
  • fixed namespace for PSAG_Helper
  • add notice with customizer link
  • improved readme
  • modified some default values for the customizer
Release 4.0
  • under new development
  • complete redevelopment of the current age verification plugin
  • adding migration options for Upgrade
Release 3.6.0
  • Split methods and hooks from main class file, will prevent overhead, also separates admin from front-end.
  • Moved to use of cookie.js Created API file for methods. New filters & actions for developers Began development of API file, currently only support JS outputs.
  • NEW Filters for content outputs, see inc/api.php more to come. Switched CSS priority, to allow custom css to override bg image and opacity Converted sass file to nested sass and uses classes instead of IDs stacyk – Made buttons visible on popup at all times.
  • stacyk – CSS Fixes for new popup. New Popup coding, dropped colorbox in favor of my own popup code. ( Less bloat ) BIG THANKS to Stacy for helping me with some initial CSS issues.

Need some more visuals? 🎩

A picture says more than thousand words.
Here are some screenshots frontend and backend.

Let’s talk money βš–οΈ

It’s not easy to continuesly maintain and develop a WordPress plugin. Thanks to my premium users I’m able to do this – wanna join the club?


The developer license is valid for 3 domains. Yearly payment for update and support.


The single site license is valid for 1 domain. Yearly payment for update and support.


The agency licence is valid for 10 domains. Yearly payment for update and support.