A simple and free solution to implement a GDPR-friendly cookie consent into any WordPress website. Activate, configure and let user visitors control their data privacy.

Let’s see how it works πŸ‘“

Sometimes it’s easier to see a WordPress plugin in action, right? Checkout the full setup guide for Cookie GDPR Cookie Consent.

The best features for GDPR Cookie Consent πŸ›‘οΈ

Cookii is a free and rock-solid WordPress plugin to give your visitors the decision to protect their privacy.

Customisable Texts

Easily modify every text and label inside of Cookii to make it your own. Every text is fully translatable.

Modern Design

Cookii comes with a modern and simple design. That’s not all: you can customize every color, fontsize and background color within the options.


Cookii blocks iframes automatically until the user accept the necessary cookies. Activate the option and add the alternate content and your good to go.

Google Analytics

Easily block Google Analytics. Set a custom label text and enter your Google Tracking ID. Cookii automatically anonymize the IP for you after cookies is approved.


Add the Facebook Tracking Pixel after the visitor approves your social media cookie. The only thing you have to do is to add your facebook pixel id and hit save.

Hooks & Filter

Cookii provides some action and filter hooks for you. So you cann add more custom cookies, modify the data tables and disable it on specific pages.

What people say about it πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ

How much will you trust a single developer?
Here are some reviews from current users of the plugin.


Works great! No need for more advanced than this. Thanks!


[..]Especially for a site like mine full of so many plugins already, I could only afford to add a light weight plugin like this one.[..]


The only cookie popup plugin for WordPress that translates!

Gets Better every time πŸ’»

Many popular plugins are not actively maintainend.
Cookii gets several updates per year.
Release 3.0
  • new admin ui
  • overlay option
  • fix translation problems
  • min styles and Scripts
  • fixed default handling of ga and fb cookie
Release 2.1
  • freemius sdk security patch
  • fixed notices if options not set
  • new default colors
  • check if cookie exists before use it
Release 2.0
  • under new development
  • added general settings for cookie configuration
  • adding style settings for modification
  • adding GDPR Consent Cookie settings for new EU Data-Law
  • adding cache-compatible Cookie-solution

Need some more visuals? 🎩

A picture says more than thousand words.
Here are some screenshots frontend and backend.
  • Cookii Bottom-right Style
  • Cookii Bottom Style
  • Cookii Admin