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WooCommerce meets Geolocation. Modify prices, product visibility, shipping methods and payment gateways based on geographical distance. Various API integrations ensure maximum precision.

Configure the Options

Before you can start using the Geolocation from Distancr you have to set a couple options.

Setup your distance unit, your API provider (external account required) and optionally add Google Maps API for autosuggesting locations when creating them.

Hit the save button and you are ready to go!

Distancr 1
Distancr 2

Setup Locations

Now you can setup your locations.

Add a unique name (like the Name of city or area) and add values for latitude and longitude to provide the neccesary geograpical data.

You can also use Google Autocomplete if you have added the API key.


The blocklist is a flexible tool to block access to products, shipping methods and payment gateways.

Choose from your created locations and setup a rule in a couple seconds.

You can easily create an unlimited number of rules here and configure them by distance and block type.

Distancr 3
  • Distancr 4
  • Distancr 5
  • Distancr 6

Setup Prices

This is the most powerful feature of distancr.

You can set price rules for all products, only for product category, on a per product level and even only per varation of a variable product.

Increase or decrease prices by percent, a fixed value or set a fix amount for your prices – the possibilities are endless.

Control which prices should be modified (all, sale, only regular prices).

WooCommerce meets Geolocation at perfection 🕹️

Distancr was created to complete various common use cases for smaller and larger businesses who needs some kind of geo distance restrictions.

Manage Locations

Easily add and manage multiple locations for your settings. Use Google Autosuggest for easier setup.

Pricing Rules

Modify your prices globally, per category, per product or per variation based on the geolocation of your customers.


Block access to product categories, shipping methods and payment gateways with Blocklists.


Choose from various API providers like maxmind, ipstack or ipapi to get the best results for your store.

Native Settings

Directly integrated in the WooCommerce settings and with a familiar design you won’t notice it’s not a core feature.


Blazing-fast performance for geolocating and rule usage. You will not see any performance drop on your store.

Gets Better every time 💻

Many popular plugins are not actively maintainend.
Distancr gets several updates per year.
Release 1.1.4
  • product price apply bugfix
  • latest freemius sdk
  • WooCommerce Extra Product options compatibility
  • variation price calculation bugfix
  • fixed sanitizing issue
  • improved security with nonces for ajax
Release 1.1 – 1.1.3
  • reducing API-Usage
  • Cleaner code and less conditionals
  • general location function in plugin main file.
  • added block ip’s option and blacklist
  • added write log function and option
  • updated translation
  • continue for correct pricing rules
  • easier debug mode
  • DEBUG constant for locations when logged in as admin.
  • support for multiple shipping methods by method id
  • fixed product price comparison for reserved naming in linux
  • bugfix to delete all rules
  • integrated frontend testing tool
  • improved automatic blacklisting and API Usage
Release 1.0
  • Initial release

Need some more visuals? 🎩

A picture says more than thousand words.
Here are some screenshots frontend and backend.
  • Distancr 7
  • Distancr 8
  • Distancr 9
  • Distancr 10
  • Distancr 11

Let’s talk money ⚖️

It’s not easy to continuesly maintain and develop a WordPress plugin. Thanks to my premium users I’m able to do this – wanna join the club?


The developer license is valid for 3 domains. Yearly payment for update and support.


The single site license is valid for 1 domain. Yearly payment for update and support.


The agency licence is valid for unlimited domains and is a one-time purchase.