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The smart way to create password-protected areas in WordPress. Protect pages, posts or parts of your content with one, multiple or hundreds of passwords. Activate, configure and your done.

Password Protection

Protect pages, posts and products with passwords and captchas. Simple to setup and insanely secure. You will never want to use the native password restriction from WordPress again.

Modern PHP and Coding standards and SHA-2 password encryption for the best solution for password protecting content.

Passster 1
Passster 2

Simple styling

Directly integrated in the WordPress customizer you can modify colors, texts, hovers and all relevant messages and texts from Passster globally.

You can also overwrite any texts directly within the shortcode.

Useful settings

Tired of endless option pages? Me too. That’s why Passster has limited and well thought settings which you really want to use – nothing more, nothing less.

Activate cookies and Pagebuilder support and manage your keys for external services.

Passster 3

The best features for password protection πŸ•ΉοΈ

Passster is used for a variety of reasons. It’s actively in development and permanently enhanced with awesome features.

Password Protection

Simple and reliable password protection for your content. Secure encrypted with the newest bcrypt standards.

Captcha & Recaptcha

Somethimes all you need is to secure your content against bots and scrapers. The captcha is here to protect you.

Multiple Passwords

The most asked feature for passster. Use as many passwords as you want to protect your content.

Unlock via Link

Give your users and clients direct access to protected areas with a special Base64 encrypted link. Optionally use to shorten things up.


All visuals for passster could be edited within the WordPress Customizer. Edit colors, sizes, descriptions and more with instant updates.

Hooks & Filter

Passster is packed with several filter and action hooks to modify every neat detail about your content protection experience.


Passster has integrations with all the great Page Builder available: Wp Bakery Pagebuilder, Beaver Builder and Elementor. Gutenberg is available soon.


Passster comes with API-integration for really large projects. Want to see an example? See this blog post for more.


Unlock only parts of your content with the additional partly parameter. Great for different content per password.

What people say about it πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ

How much will you trust a single developer?
Here are some reviews from current users of the plugin.


Works so well and I love the customisation tabs – THANK YOU!


Works great. Very useful for some types of websites. Better, than build-in protection


Pretty simple way to password any content you want! Thanks for great plugin!


[…] This was the PERFECT solution to wrap around the file upload shortcode […]. Am so pleased with the results!


Truly simple. Easiest plug-in of this type that I’ve ever used.


Most plugins I see that do this content protection either do too much or too little. This one does it just right![…]

Gets Better every time πŸ’»

Many popular plugins are not actively maintainend.
Passster gets several updates per year.
Release 3.3.8
  • removed old cache busting prevent 404 errors for files
  • wp_enqueue_script for ReCaptcha preventing cache issues
  • introduced ajax loader to indicate verification
  • fixed metabox showing wrong selected password list
  • improved admin wording for more clarification
  • updated german translation files
Release 3.3.7
  • WordPress 5.5 compatibility
  • Elementor with Ajax mode compatibility
  • added WPML config file
  • update german translation
  • prevent fatal error if ps_run_plugin() is already declared
  • number field instead of text for cookie duration
  • ReCaptcha without async defer (handled via Caching plugins)
  • fixed PHP notice for bitly integration
Release 3.3.6
  • cache-busting for no-ajax mode and cookies
  • fixed double docs link
  • support option for third-party-shortcodes with pre-render
  • removed auto-space from password lists
  • new link encryption solution with metabox and bitly
  • hide parameter for WPBakery integration
  • updated and fixed german translation
Release 3.3.5
  • performance improvements for password lists
  • support for Google ReCaptcha v2 with selection
  • more efficient ajax handling for different unlock methods.
  • auto-update cookie settings if no ajax mode is used.
Release 3.3.4
  • fixed additional params to overwrite texts in the shortcode
  • fixed empty content while using additional parameters
  • added tablepress support for ajax
  • implemented old recaptcha parameters for backwards compatibility
  • more robust regex for various shortcode implementations
  • added action to track unlocks with Google Analytics and other tracking solutions
  • Β 
Release 3.3.3
  • better compatibility mode with cache busting
  • better ReCaptcha integration with ajax and with cookies
  • compatibility: full page protection with divi builder
  • more reliable way to get valid response via ajax
  • mobile-friendly cache-busting after authentication
Release 3.3.2
  • added compatibility mode for forcing reload
  • compatibility fix Elementor full page protection
  • compatibility fix WpBakery Pagebuilder full page protection
  • re-added error message in Customizer
  • improved german translation

  • fixed captcha loading while not in use

  • fixed wrong redirection after activation
  • fixed wrong object call for elementor users.
Release 3.3.1
  • fixed captcha loading while not in use
  • fixed wrong redirection after activation
  • fixed wrong object call for elementor users.
Release 3.3
  • major release
  • new admin UI and simplfied settings
  • password protection for pages, posts and products
  • new captcha solution with canvas objects new Google ReCaptcha v3 integration
  • removed requirements for PHP sessions for better compatibility
  • removed old Google API vendor for better compatibility
  • refactored the entire shortcode and submit solution
  • ajax-based submit and validation – no page reload required anymore
  • fixed cookie solution for captcha, ReCaptcha
  • easier template function is_valid() for complete checks of all parameters
  • fixed shortcode parameters for headline and id
  • better uninstall cleanup
  • integrated metabox for setting Passster settings for complete pages

Need some more visuals? 🎩

A picture says more than thousand words.
Here are some screenshots frontend and backend.
  • Passster 4
  • Passster 5
  • Passster 6
  • Passster 7

Let’s talk money βš–οΈ

It’s not easy to continuesly maintain and develop a WordPress plugin. Thanks to my premium users I’m able to do this – wanna join the club?

You can also get a 7-day free trial here


The developer license is valid for 3 domains. Yearly payment for update and support.


The single site license is valid for 1 domain. Yearly payment for update and support.


The unlimited licence is valid for unlimited domains and is one-time purchase.