Simply Static

The static site generator for WordPress. Better security, performance for your WordPress website. Host your website way cheaper of even for free with a static solution.

Static Site Generator

Generate a static site directly from the admin area. The integrated activity log keep you always on track of the progress.

Check the result page by page, download as a zip file or deploy directly to a directory on your server.


Choose a deployment option (zip, directory, locally as an archive).

include and exclude specific pages or files to your static site and configure the access to the page with basic authentication.


Get a detailed report in your WordPress and server settings and check if there is everything in place to successfully export a static version of your website with Simply Static.

The perfect tool to debug your generation and keep your website up to date.

The best static site generator for WordPress 🕹️

Simply Static is used for a variety of reasons. It’s actively in development and permanently enhanced with awesome features.

Static Site Generator

Create a static site from your WordPress website with a single click on a button.

Easy setup

Useful default settings and options to customize the process to fit your needs.


Deploy as a zip file or to your server. No more hassle with complex builds.

Gets Better every time 💻

Many popular plugins are not actively maintainend.
Simply Static gets several updates per year.

Release 2.1.1
  • fixed PHP Dom parser for later PHP versions
  • removed PHP faker due to end of development
  • little color modifications in admin areas
  • new plugin header and readme

Need some more visuals? 🎩

A picture says more than thousand words.
Here are some screenshots frontend and backend.