Simply Static Pro

The static site generator for WordPress. Better security, performance for your WordPress website. Host your website way cheaper or even for free with a static solution.

Static Site Generator

Generate a fully static website with a click of a button.

Simply Static creates the fastest and most secure version of your WordPress website.

Run WordPress headless and remove the burden of updates when using WordPress as a static site generator.

Simply Static 1
Simply Static 2


Deploy your website to Github Pages, Cloudflare Pages, Netlify, Vercel, AWS, or any CDN you want with the GitHub Integration of Simply Static.

Never worry about backups, use version control and eliminate hosting costs by using a static website.


Export only subsets of your website to improve the generation speed and update process of your static website.

Automatically push a new static version of a page by clicking a single button.

Simply Static 3
Simply Static 4


Simply Static uses Fuse.js to provide you a fully functional search with auto-suggest.

You can also use Algolia – the most powerful API for search available.


Use Contact Form 7 or Gravity Forms to create forms that you can use on your static website. No need to pay external services for that.

Use your own website to receive submissions and send emails when someone gets in contact with you.

Simply Static 5
Simply Static 6


Use comments on your static website with Simply Static without any third-party provider.

Simply Static will export a new static version of the page the comment was added to immediately.

The best static site generator for WordPress 🕹️

Simply Static is used for a variety of reasons. It’s actively in development and permanently enhanced with awesome features.

Static Site Generator

Create a static site from your WordPress website with a single click on a button.

Security and Performance

Static websites are insanely fast and built for security by default.

Easy setup

Useful default settings and options to customize the process to fit your needs.


Deploy as a zip file or to your server. No more hassle with complex builds.


Complete integration with GitHub to automate the deployment and keep your static website version controlled.


Use Contact Form 7 or Gravity Forms to use forms on your static website and don’t spend money on external services.


Simply Static creates an index file for you and uses the power of Fuse.js to provide a full static search with auto-suggest.


Use comments on your static website by using your WordPress site as a dynamic backend alongside your static website.


Export only some pages, posts or any other custom post type data. You can also export a single site just with a single click of a button.

Need some more visuals? 🎩

A picture says more than thousand words.
Here are some screenshots frontend and backend.
  • Simply Static 7
  • Simply Static 8
  • Simply Static 9
  • Simply Static 10
  • Simply Static 11

Let’s talk money ⚖️

It’s not easy to continuesly maintain and develop a WordPress plugin. Thanks to my premium users I’m able to do this – wanna join the club?

You can also get a 7-day free trial here



The developer license is valid for 3 domains. Yearly payment for update and support.



The single site license is valid for 1 domain. Yearly payment for update and support.



The unlimited license is valid for unlimited domains and is one-time purchase.