Sequential Customer Numbers for WooCommerce

The missing solution to sequential customer numbers in WooCommerce. Bulk creation, automatically added to accounts, orders, and invoices and with a custom table to avoid any duplicates.

Setup in seconds

Directly integrated into the WooCommerce settings it could not be easier to set up. Navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Accounts and privacy and scroll down a bit.

Set up your start number and optionally a prefix or suffix for your number and you are done.

Bulk creation

Use the integrated bulk action to generate sequential customer numbers in sections for all of your customers.

In your admin area go to Users, select the users you want to generate the customer numbers for, choose the bulk action “Generate customer number” and click “Apply”.

Viewable in orders, accounts – everywhere.

The sequential customer numbers are visible in every necessary part of your WooCommerce store. Inside your orders, in the customer accounts, and on invoices as well. Pretty nice, right?

Never hassle with a shortcode or any custom integration again. As long as a plugin outputs the customer address, the customer number will be there as well.

The solution to sequential customer numbers ⏳

Simple to set up and packed with powerful features. Battle-tested with customers to perfectly match your use case.

Native WooCommerce

The integration is fully native to WooCommerce. You wouldn’t even notice that it’s coming from a plugin.

Bulk creation

Automatically create sequential customer numbers for all your existing clients. New clients get their number automatically so you don’t have to worry.

Need some more visuals? 🎩

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