5 Best Age Verification Plugins for WooCommerce

An age verification plugin lets you restrict access to content, products, and services for users under a certain age. If you sell products intended for use by people over a certain age, it is your responsibility to verify the customers’ age prior to the sale.

Depending on the country or region in which your business operates in, you might be required to implement age verification functionality on your WooCommerce website. Here are some examples of online businesses that need to add age restriction:

  • Stores that sell products that can only be sold to customers over the legal age. These include cigarettes, e-cigs, alcohol, cannabis, and vapes.
  • Stores selling games or movies that are intended for grown-ups. Examples include mature games and R-rated movies.
  • Online gambling companies and stores selling loot boxes.

Keep in mind that the legal age can be different for different products and services. For instance, the legal age for mature games is 17+ whereas the minimum legal age to buy alcohol is 21.

Adding an age verification check to your WooCommerce store is much easier if you use an age verification plugin. Some of the key features you should consider when choosing an age verification plugin for your website include multiple verification modes, customizability, and ease of use.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best WooCommerce age verification plugins and highlight their standout features to help you make an informed decision.

#1: Agy

Agy age registriction plugin for WooCommerce

Agy is a flexible WooCommerce age verification plugin that lets you add age-based checks to your website. This way, you can easily restrict underage visitors from buying products or accessing content that’s not suitable for them.

The plugin itself is easy to set up and offers lots of customization options including verification modes, display settings, and labels. Agy supports both WordPress and WooCommerce platforms. The plugin is continuously updated with additional features and comes with reliable support from the developers.

Key Features

  • You can choose from one of three verification modes: date picker with validation, a simple slider to select the age, or a yes/no question.
  • Agy lets you select where you want to display the age-gate popup and lets you exclude posts, pages, or products from age checks.
  • Its extensive WooCommerce support allows you to add age verification to registration and checkout pages, and exclude any products that don’t match the customer’s age.
  • Agy is SEO-friendly as it automatically allows bots and crawlers to bypass the age gate.
  • Agy is fully-responsive which means the age verification popup will work great regardless of the device being used – tablets, desktops, or smartphones.


An easy way to add age verification to your WooCommerce store.

Agy is the perfect solution for companies looking for a customizable age verification plugin with multiple verification modes as well as businesses that need the age verification module to match their store’s branding.

#2: WooCommerce Age Verification

WooCommerce Age Verification plugin

WooCommerce Age Verification is an easy-to-use widget that lets you add age restriction features to your website. It gives you a simple way to verify the age of your customers by placing your site’s content behind an age-gate popup.

In addition to this, it lets you choose the pages you wish to display your age checks on and set appropriate actions based on the user’s response. You can customize the age gate popup by showing custom images and adding printable details.

Key Features

  • You can choose from three different verification types: a request for the visitor’s full birthdate, only the birth year, or a simple yes/no question.
  • This plugin allows previously authorized visitors to access your site for a certain number of days by storing cookies.
  • You can choose to show custom text to underage visitors or direct them to an external page or website.
  • It lets you add any image to the age gate popup.
  • You can display detailed information and links below the verification button.

WooCommerce Age Verification is the go-to option for anyone who’s looking for a customizable age verification plugin and stores selling a handful of products that need age verification.

Price: Free

#3: Age Verification System for WordPress

Age Verification System for WordPress

Age Verification System for WordPress adds great-looking age restriction checks to your website. In case you sell products prohibited to minors, placing a clear age verification popup on your site pages will ensure that only people above a certain age can access your business website or online store.

This tool lets you add age verification functionality to posts, pages, custom post types, and WooCommerce categories. You can choose between date selector verification or a simple yes/no verification feature. You’ll also be able to customize the text shown to the site’s visitors (headlines, titles, messages, date picker texts) and modify a number of other configurations from the options page.

Age Verification System for WordPress helps you make your site GDPR-compliant by providing a form you can insert legal links to.

Key Features

  • Lets you add a background image of your choice and easily customize your age gate popup based on color schemes and text typography.
  • You can choose from a variety of pre-designed, responsive templates (related to alcoholic, beer, and smoking websites) for your age verification popup.
  • You can set the minimum age limit directly from the backend.
  • You’ll be able to redirect under-age visitors to a different URL.
  • Lets you ask the customer’s age in their native language.

This plugin is a must-have for anyone looking for an age verification plugin that also works with WordPress custom post types as well as for stores that sell to EU residents.

Price: Regular license costs $19.

#4: iAge Verifier

iAge Verifier plugin

iAge Verifier helps you protect your WooCommerce business with easy-to-install age verification checks by ensuring that the customer is over a certain age. This plugin is suitable for different businesses including tattoo parlors, tranquilizer stores, alcohol shops, and websites that publish adult content. It is easy-to-use and you don’t need to add any additional code to install this plugin to your website.

Its SEO-friendly age check module enables you to set up a seamless age-portal between the user and your website. iAge Verifier supports WordPress Multisite and offers multiple verification methods. You’ll also be able to choose whether to add age verification for specific pages or the entire website.

Key Features

  • iAge Verifier is fully responsive and optimized for any sized device or screen.
  • Offers an easy way to create customized age verification checks at the page level or on the entire website.
  • You’ll be able to redirect invalid users to an external link.
  • You can set the minimum visitor age limit that’s allowed to access your site’s content.
  • This plugin supports both WordPress and WooCommerce platforms.

iAge Verifier is suitable for anyone who’s looking for an SEO-friendly age verification plugin that also supports WordPress Multisite.

Price: Regular license costs $18.

#5: AgeVerify

AgeVerify plugin

AgeVerify is a user-friendly age verification plugin built specifically for online businesses that want to prevent sales to minors. These include bars, smoke and vape shops, wineries, breweries, distilleries, and tattoo parlors.

You can easily configure AgeVerify to display content in any language. This plugin can be quickly installed on your existing website by adding a single line of code. AgeVerify supports integration with Mailchimp, allowing you to seamlessly capture age verification and email signups.

AgeVerify comes with a responsive design which means that the age verification checks will run smoothly on all devices. In addition to this, the plugin offers a variety of templates to go with your specific business requirements. You’ll also be able to set age requirements based on your site visitor’s location (such as their country, state, or province).

Key Features

  • Customers will be prompted to verify their age only once when they first visit your website.
  • Easy to use and quick to install.
  • Comes with simple, clean, HTML5 and CSS3 code to deliver a seamless website browsing experience.
  • Doesn’t affect your website’s SEO negatively.

AgeVerify is ideal for stores that sell to a global audience and need to be able to translate the age verification pop-up.

Price: Free


Age verification plugins are ideal for online stores that sell products intended for use by people over a certain age, for instance, alcohol, cigarettes, and cannabis products. They should be easy to use and offer multiple age verification modes and customization options, like Agy.

We looked at various WooCommerce age verification plugins and covered their standout features. Hopefully, you’re in a good position now to make an informed decision.


An easy way to add age verification to your WooCommerce store.