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General Settings

After installation and activation, you can find the whole configuration of Agy in Settings -> Agy in your admin area.

The first tab called “General” is used for some of the most basic configuration available in the plugin.

General Settings 1

Display Mode

The display mode modifies the appearance of the Age Gate in the front. It has 3 different styles available: yes or no, age slider or a date picker.

Minimum Age

The minimum age setting is a global setting that will be used for a variety of features in Agy. It displays in the Age Gate, is used to compare the user’s age and is even important for the WooCommerce blacklist options. Be sure to fill that with your considered value.

Exit URL

The Exit URL is the redirect URL if the customer clicks the exit button or (for any other reason) does not pass the age verification.

Cookie Lifetime (in days)

The age verification decision is saved in a cookie in the customer’s browser. This ensures he is remembered if he visits the page again. So the customer does not need to verify his age again for 30 days (or longer).

Show for unregistered users only

I know it’s kinda weird to verify your own age when you check something on your page while you are logged in as an admin. Activate this option and the Age Gate will only shown for unregistered users.

Invert Blacklist into Whitelist

This inverts the blacklist setting within products, pages and posts. The age gate will be shown everywhere excepts the content which is added to the whitelist.

Activate debug mode

Activate this for testing purposes. It shows the age gate permanently, regardless of the cookie and blacklist/whitelist settings.

Delete settings on uninstall

Pretty self-explanatory. Deletes all Agy settings on uninstallation.

Don’t forget to save your changes at the end of your configuration.