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Text Settings

The second tab is for filling out all text-related settings for Agy. While most of this is self-explanatory we go to every setting step by step.

Text Settings 1

When you first switch to the “Texts”-tab you will find some default values which should help you to fill in the right content.


Obviously the headline for the Age Gate.


Obviously the message for the Age Gate. I want to mention the shortcode [age] inside of it. It dynamically displays the age which you set in the general settings.

Enter Button Label

The label for the enter button.

Exit Button Label

The label for the exit button.

Text Settings 2

Separator text

There is a small “or” inside of the Age box when you use the defaults. That’s the separator text.


Below the enter and exit button text is a small subtitle that contains the text.


Here you can add additional information about your product, your service or any other thing you want to tell your customers. One thing to mention: this text will only display if you use the two-column option in the design settings of Agy.