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This tab unifies all WooCommerce related settings. These are a bit more advanced and not directly relates to your previous age gate from Agy.

WooCommerce 1

Deactivate Age Gate

You can completely deactivate the Age gate and use only the checkboxes and Sofort Ident API to verify the age of your visitors.


There are two checkboxes: one for the customer registration and one for the checkout of your WooCommerce shop. Activate the settings and the customers are forced to accept that they are old enough to buy your products.

Modify Checkbox text and error message.

You can modify the checkbox text and the error message in the checkout if a customer does not pass the age verification.

WooCommerce 2

Add checkbox only when blacklisted products in cart

This option is pretty powerful. It displays the checkboxes for the age verification only when an age-restricted product is in the customer’s cart and the verification was not passed (for example within the age gate) before. That’s incredibly useful for stores that sell other products which may not need age verification to purchase them.

WooCommerce 3
WooCommerce 4

Save age

This option saves the customer decision, if he’s old enough or not. It does not save the current age of the user.