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Options 1

After the installation of Distacr your start with configuring the options. Move to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Distancr -> Options.

Distance Unit

Choose your distance unit. This will be used to measure the distance between your locations and the geolocation of your customers. Kilometers, Miles and Nautical Miles are available.


Distancr relies on API-Partners to get the most exact geolocation of your customer. There are three providers available right now:

  • maxmind
  • ipstack
  • ipapi


You need to signup for an account here: https://www.maxmind.com/en/geoip2-precision-services

Which plan you choose is up to you, however I recommend using the “Insights” plan for maximum precision. After you created an account and activated it from the e-mail, you will get access to your account dashboard.

There you can find your API key and your User ID. You have to fill out the API key field in Distancr with both:

Options 2

ipstack and ipapi

Both providers works exactly the same but following a different pricing approach.

For ipstack you need an account here: https://ipstack.com

For ipapi you need an account here: https://ipapi.com/

After you setup your account and logged in you can copy your license key directly from your dashboard. Copy and paste them in the Distancr API key field. That’s all!

Test Connection

When you have added your API key and saved the settings, you can use “Test Connection” to quickly check if the connection was successfull. If it’s not you should check that you used the correct API provider and the correct API key in your settings.

Options 3


If you are using Distancr on a local machine you have to set a real IP to get the correct location for yourself. You can easily get your IP from the main page of https://ipstack.com (IPv4).

Options 4

Google Maps API Key

You can set up an API key as described here: https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/get-api-key

This is totally optional for Distancr and adds just a little bit more comfort for setting up locations. Instead of entering latitude and longitude for locations, you can autocomplete the address.

Options 5

Tip: make sure you have activated the Google Maps JavaScript API and the Google Places API.