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Directory Settings

After you successfully installed and activated Filr your first step should be in Files -> Settings.

You start with the “Status” settings page. There you can define the name of your protected uploads directory:

Directory Settings 1

Enter the name of your directory and save your settings. If everything worked fine, you the the “Directory” option tells you that the directory exists.

Protection mode

Next choose a protection mode for your newly created directory. If you are using an apache server you can choose “htaccess” protection. If you are using another server type (like nginx or windows) you should use index.php to successfully protect your files.

Directory Settings 2

You can check the protection with the link below.

Server settings

I integrated a little status tool to check your server configuration. When you don’t the any errors, everything is fine, if not please contact your hosting provider to activate the necessary tools to use Filr.

Directory Settings 3

Don’t forget to save your changes. Now you are ready to upload your first files.