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You can create and manage folders within FILR. To start open a file or create a new one. Within the “File Management” meta box select “Use as a folder instead of a file”. Now save the settings.

Folders 1

After you saved the file you will see that the configurable options has changed:

Folders 2

Now we switch to another file and that file to our newly created folder. In our example we use “File A” and add it to our created folder called “Folder A”:

Folders 3

We save our settings and we are done. When you opening Filr->Files you can see the relation between folders and files:

Folders 4


When you have added a library with the shortcode as described here and assigned the folder and file we created you should now see something like that:

Closed Folder:

Folders 5

Opened Folder:

Folders 6