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One problem while using Passster in ajax mode occured while using third-party shortcodes inside it. That’s due to the fact that shortcodes are not rendered in ajax by default. Even do_shortcode() isn’t available there.

That’s why I introduced a new option to pre-render shortcodes for using them inside of ajax.

Third-Party-Shortcodes 1

You can now add a comma-separated list of shortcodes you want to use inside of Passster. In our example we will be using the famous Contact Form 7 plugin with Passster.

Third-Party-Shortcodes 2

In the first step we create a form in Contact Form 7 and copy the shortcode. Now we are going back to Passster->Options.

Third-Party-Shortcodes 3

We paste the shortcode in the “Third-Party Shortcodes” field and save the settings. Now we are ready to go! Let’s create an sample shortcode with the Contact Form 7 shortcode inside it:

Third-Party-Shortcodes 4

We save our post and check the frontend of it. We type in the password and the form appears on the fly (if you add the correct password).

Third-Party-Shortcodes 5