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Unlock via link

While introducing the new 3.3 version of Passster it was time to rebuild the link addon. Make it easier to handle and ensure it’s working with full site protection. Now it’s finally back again.

Unlock via link 1

When you edit a post you find it inside the Passster (Link Protection) meta box. There are a couple of options and field I like to introduce:


You can use bitly to shorten the entire URL you send your users to unlock your protected content. This requires a valid Access Token in Passster -> External Services:

Unlock via link 2

Password for link generation

Here you add your password which should be used to unlock the content when the link is used. Make sure it’s the same as you use to protect your content – otherwise it would simply not work.

Your unlock URL

You can copy your unlock URL directly from that field. It’s empty at first, but if you add a password in the field above and save the post the link will be generated and is ready to copy and use!


The password inside the link is encrypted. So even if you share the link to someone, he can’t copy the password directly and use it later. Or even try to use it in other protected areas.