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Full Static Export

You can run a full static export in Simply Static -> Generate by clicking the button “Generate static files”. This will create an entire static copy of your website. You can configure additional pages and files in Simply Static -> Settings -> Additional Files and directories.


When having a pretty large website you like to convert to a static website it can take quite a while for Simply Static to process all pages and generate the physical files.

Before you had to do that every time you wanted to update content on your website, here is where Builds come into play.

Exports 1

You can create new builds pretty easily. Navigate to Simply Static Builds and create a new one.

You can define a name, a short description, and an export directory (by default it uses the one you have defined in Simply Static -> Settings) and you can provide some additional URLs you want to add.

Once that’s done head over to Posts or Pages in your WordPress admin area.

Exports 2

You will notice that there is a new row called “Builds”. Here you can see the assigned build for each of your posts or pages. Once you click on quick edit you can select each of your created builds:

Exports 3

This works with all registered custom post types as well. The post type only needs to be editable via the WordPress admin area and has to be set to “public” within the registration.

Now we head back to the builds:

Exports 4

When you click on the “Generate” button on a build it will be redirecting you to the “Generate” page of Simply Static and run a new static export for your selection. When it’s done it automatically resets the “generate” page to the full static export so you never have to worry about which build you have selected the last time.

Single Exports

Besides creating and using builds the is also a way simpler way to export single pages and posts now available in Simply Static.

Head over to a post and edit it.

Exports 5

You will find a new tab called “Simply Static” in your sidebar (or as a meta box when using the classic editor) which contains a button called “Generate Static”.

Clicking on it will create a static version of the current page you are editing. Just make sure you saved your modifications before exporting a new version of it – easy enough, right?

The Single Exports will also export all images from that post, assigned taxonomies (like categories and tags) and the archive page the current post belongs to.