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Simply Static Hosting

After working on Simply Static and Simply Static Pro for quite a while now, I can say we (I and the community around it) have achieved a lot. Simply Static is now more robust than ever, supports PHP 8, and was entirely optimized under the hood.

Why Simply Static Hosting?

In May last year, I finally released Simply Static Pro. It enhances Simply Static with solutions to automate the deployment, adding support for forms and comments, and handles things like CORS for you.

I continued to integrate new features (like the Algolia search integration), improved existing ones (like HTML templates, CC, and custom headers for forms or the webhook support for the GitHub integration), and talked to hundreds of users and customers. I noticed that it’s still hard for non-technical people to set everything up and enjoy the benefits of WordPress as a static site generator.

Idea of Simply Static Hosting

My idea was always to make WordPress as a static site as simple as possible and bring it from a niche topic for technical users to something almost every WordPress user can benefit from, but I noticed that the differences in server setups and the requirements to run WordPress as a static site generator can make it hard for non-technical users to benefit from it.

The current landscape of hosting services in the WordPress ecosystem is divided into low-cost hosting that does not even allow you to use WP-Cron to expensive high-end hosting setups that restrict access to cURL or writing temporary files within a directory for static export.

It can be quite hard to get the best possible experience with Simply Static if you are on a host that tries to make the process as complex as possible. I can understand that from a business point of value, people that are successfully converting their WordPress website to a static site, don’t upgrade their hosting plans as the static site fixes performance, security, and scalability for them.

I decided to work on a solution for people that are not familiar with setting up their own server and configuring it or are able to set up GitHub and automate their deployments with Simply Static to build an end-to-end solution based on the Simply Static plugin.

What is Simply Static Hosting

Simply Static hosting is an optimized environment to use WordPress as a static site generator based on Simply Static. I spent the last six months selecting the best providers, services and fine-tuning the entire setup.

Now, after 2 months of extensive beta testing with a couple of enterprise customers, it’s ready to be officially released.

Simply Static Hosting is based on three key components:

Secured WordPress installation

You get a completely secured WordPress installation on an optimized NGINX server. The server was completely configured to work perfectly as a backend to your static site. It also supports headless projects as it allows you to access the WordPress Rest API by default.

  • The page does not get indexed
  • It’s only accessible for logged-in users
  • The server is CPU and memory optimized for the fatest static exports possible
  • it supports PHP 7.4 to 8.1
  • All websites are HTTPS-only and you get a free SSL certificate

All servers in the cluster are from Digital Ocean and use their dedicated hardware (no cheap VPS servers).

A fast CDN

You get a completely configured CDN from BunnyCDN. Everything is set up for you, your static site URL, Edge Rules to handles search, RSS-Feeds, Proxy-URLs for forms and comments, and more. We also configure caching, global availability, and the GPDR-friendly usage of it for you.

Simply Static Hosting Plattform

The third component is the platform itself. It’s basically an API that brings everything together and you will interact with it through the Simply Static Hosting Helper plugin.

No need to login to yet another server panel, you will find everything you need directly within your WordPress dashboard. All data is pulled from the API on a visit, no sensitive data is stored within your WordPress installation.

Difference to Simply Static Pro

Simply Static Pro is the tool for more technical users that like to set up everything on their own. It will develop into a more developer-oriented way by adding more deployment options, WP-CLI support, and new integration for the WordPress Rest API to run a static site completely on your own.

Simply Static Hosting instead is targeted to end-users. People like the local pizza service that does not have the time and know-how to maintain a WordPress website, news magazines that need fast and secure delivery of their content, and media-heavy websites that can not afford to pay hundreds of dollars per month the get decent hosting.

By removing the requirement to set up the deployment and combining WordPress + a CDN into a small monthly fee the costs are easy and predictable. That’s also the reason why I skipped these long pricing tables which you can find on a lot of the websites from my competitors, pricing is based on storage and traffic – that’s it.


As a german company, the GDPR is incredibly important to me and my business. That’s why the entire platform was built with that in mind. All logs (WP and CDN) are anonymized, we don’t store any data besides your e-mail address and the Site ID which is an intern ID to connect your site with the API. The website itself does not even use cookies at all.

The entire platform was extensively checked by a team of international lawyers to make sure everything is perfectly set up to keep data secure and GDPR-compliant.

We also don’t have access to your WordPress website after the website was created. It’s yours and you will only let us in in case we should help here.


A lot of you already know me from the support of Simply Static Pro or from Twitter. You may also know that I handle all the support by myself, so you will always talk to the developer of the product and not some random support person that tries to finish the ticket as fast as possible.

I try to be as helpful as possible, I know A LOT about WordPress in the context of static and headless usage. The only downside to this is the response time, as a solopreneur, I do need longer than a larger business, but I try to compensate for that with more complete and comprehensive replies to your questions.

No Lock-In

Due to the fact that Simply Static Hosting is an API-based system, there is no Lock-In effect here. You can set up your static website on it and move it away without any sacrifices. You could also set up your own Digital Ocean account with a server, create a BunnyCDN account, and use Simply Static Pro to automate the deployment.


I will show you a lot more about the platform in the next couple of months and show you the differences between Simply Static Hosting and Simply Static Pro in all the details so that you can decide which fits your project better.

I will also write a couple of more technical articles about NGINX and Linux to optimize, configure and run a WordPress website that is optimized for static site delivery. I will also show you how I build the entire setup for Simply Static Hosting with NGINX, PHP, and a couple of APIs so that you can do that yourself if you like.

How to Start

If you want to learn more about Simply Static Hosting visit You can purchase a package (monthly/yearly), add the details to your website and the platform will create a new WordPress website combined with a configured CDN for you.

Did you know that we also migrate your old WordPress website free of charge?

If you like to use an optimized environment to use WordPress as a static site generator for a competitive price and a bootstrapped founder give it a go and create your site on right now.